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Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Hinrichs EMT-P  40 years Experience

Infectious Disease Compliance Contact


Operations Manager

Eric Polan BS ESM, CMTE, EMT-P  33 Years Experience


Medical Director

Dr. Gerry Lazzareschi, MD


Field crews


Aaron Merrill  EMT-1  10 years of experience

Sherrie McNulty EMT-1  6 years experience

Denise Jensen EMT-1  20 years of experience

Alex Beidatsch  EMT-1  4 years of experience

Glenn Valli EMT-1   15 years experience

Eric Constantine EMT-P 13 years experience

Zack Lewis EMT-P 5 years of experience

Corrine Downing EMT-1

Evan Dilks EMT-P 32 Years

Chris Dilks EMT 30 Years

Art Hsieh EMT-P 36 Years

Dimitri Zimmer EMT-P 2 Years